High, so I have no complaints, Free, so I feel no restraints, Moving further away from the heavy angst. Oh how times have changed, Feeling things I can’t explain, Coming to conclusions that were in plain, Sight but I couldn’t see, Unsure of exactly what it could be, Relying on my intuition for answers; Ultimately, … Continue reading 1/28/2020


1/8/2020 Wednesday Don’t call me a Writer, I’m a Linguistic Fighter, A Metaphysical Typewriter, Passion igniter, One hell of an experience provider. See unique in how I perform, Not worried about trends, So I fail to conform, Heavy in my physical form, I’ve made a decision, I am no longer torn, Manifesting my own fantasy, … Continue reading 3:47


I was in love with a man before The work felt like such a chore Instead of passion, he continued to bore & Through his actions, I became unsure. Insecure; I’m sure Naive that his intentions weren’t pure I decided to walk on the other side of the door Self Love was what I needed … Continue reading 1/7/2020

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean

The Moore Experience Vaginal Birth After Cesarean If you don't know, I recently delivered my second child and I am so excited to share my delivery experience! For months, I've been back and forth in my head; praying, wishing, and hoping I wouldn't have to have a C Section this pregnancy. All I wanted this … Continue reading Vaginal Birth After Cesarean


Monday Oh pretty flower, Oh how you empower, With great love, you shower, Thanks to you, I can handle any tower, Standing firm in my Spiritual power, Feeling more emotionally fulfilled by the hour. I just want to stay in Beloved’s good grace, No one or nothing can replace, The opportunity to accept new and … Continue reading 1/6/2020


Discouraged in my heart, I feel like this facade is falling apart, All I wanted to do was to be admired like art, I guess it was only window shopping, I wasn’t even apart of the cart. Now it’s so easy for me to play my part, Not sure if ima finish but I’m disheartened … Continue reading 1/4/2020


Friday Moon in Aries Do you see who I really am? Can I not pretend to blend with trends that feel heavy and worry me like sin? Oh how big the grin that curves above my chin, Gyrate and wiggle my fin. I decided to go within, Appreciate the powerful blow behind the wind, Old … Continue reading 1/3/2020